Monday, July 30, 2012

Eighty Six Year Old Great Grandmother is the New Bond Girl

For those of you that missed the most talked about segment of the Olympic opening it is again.

After you've hit play, double click to go to full screen or the right side is truncated.

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I'm not sure it was my favourite part of the ceremony - but it's difficult to decide what part was my favourite. I liked the humour, the ideas, the imagination and the spectacle but I was also stunned by the logisitcs. The transition from the countryside scene to the industrial segment was remarkable. The light show which was controlled through LEDs mounted on every seat in the arena was remarkable and I don't think this was fully captured by TV. You really had to be there for that.

A lot of people seemed to think it was important our ceremony was better than Beijing 2008. I don't think it should be a matter of being better - it should be a matter of being different. We would not attempt a display like the Chinese and similarly they would not attempt something like ours. It's important just to be distinctive and unique and I think that was achieved. Comparison and oneupmanship are not the point of these things. In the unlikely event the Olympics ever went to Pyongyang I'm sure the North Koreans would produce something remarkable that nobody else would attempt.


Terra Shield said...

And not a single strand of hair was out of place ;)

Ninja said...

LOL!!! I simply loved this!!!

More so for the sight of Craig's finely-toned arse....but the Queen was alright too :p

King of Scurf said...

Terra: Such regal decorum.

Saby: Did you actually look at anything else during that video? ;)

Ninja said...

Well the first 2 times i focused solely on his arse (and how could anyone not have!!). But on the 3rd watch i noticed the queen as well :))

Ninja said...

One more day for your event!!!!! I am soooo excited...heh heh. Told all my friends you are volunteering. Hope i get to see you...would be so so cool!!!

King of Scurf said...

Ninja: If you look very carefully (and the TV cameras point in our direction) you may see me sitting at a table next to the field of play operating a remote camera via a joystick on the table. If not there, I'll be in the up in stand operating a tripod mounted camera - you'll never spot me there.

Looking forward to it immensely.