Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Olympics Update...latest news....

250th blog post. Who'd have thought it!

Here's a picture of me operating one of the instant replay cameras located in the stands at the London 2012 Olympics taekwondo event today.

I'm in a team of six. We either operate two cameras in the stand or two cameras down on the arena floor. The stand cameras are just normal tripod-mounted camcorders like you see in the picture above.

Down on the arena floor, we sit at one of two tables and operate a joystick which controls a remote camera above us. The footage we record is used to check disputed points. You can sometimes see us at the back of the TV shots sitting at our tables staring intently at the small monitor in front of us..

A new development since the test event I worked at is that the footage we record is now played back to the arena audience on giant overhead TV screens. It's kind of satisfying when your handiwork is chosen to be shown to 6,000 people to prove/disprove the disputed score.

Pleased to report the audience are creating a great atmosphere for all nationalities competing, especially the ones who go out to entertain. Tomorrow we get a few GB competitors which should increase the volume even more.


Ninja said...

OOOOOOOH you look so handsome in the uniform!!!!!!

Will be looking out for your babes :))

Nota Bene said...

Brilliant...sounds as though you are having fun....and so rewarding!

Terra Shield said...

I think I recall you mentioning taekwondo in a previous post, so I actually paid attention when they aired some snippets of some of the fights. Had no idea where to look, though.

King of Scurf said...

A memorable evening last night. I was on the arena floor during a GB gold medal win and also for the medal ceremony. Will blog properly about it when the games are over.

People actually saw me on TV!

Ninja said...

Yes yes and please tell us about your closing ceremony experience!!! Could you see up Posh's skirt?? :p