Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why I Love India

By all reasoning I should hate India. It's noisy, chaotic, overwhelming, sometimes rather smelly, and at other times delightfully fragant, mildly distressing in parts, and mostly beyond any sort of rational analysis. It's all the things I seek to keep out of my life when I'm in the UK. But I can stand and watch Indians going about their life and never fail to be gripped by the drama that appears to be constantly unfolding before me of which I can make almost no sense at all.

I cannot work out when people stop working. Business and chaos appear to continue operating side-by-side for all hours of the day and night. Time is an abstract concept. Nothing appears easy if you ask for it, but somehow it always gets done. All tasks when initially broached are met with bewilderment and requires much discussion with a variety of passers-by until a level of understanding is reached at which point the job in hand is dealt with exactly as you might expect it - it just seems to be a requirement that everybody has a lengthy discussion about it first.

I know Hyderabad is not exactly a tourist hotspot and so I tend to stick out among the crowd. I tend to attract attention simply by being a European - this is Schrodinger's Cat incarnate isn't it? - the concept that you cannot observe an event simply because by your own presence you are actually influencing that event.

I'm going to elaborate on this further when I am at more awake and a little less time-confused. But I still love it.


sabrina said...

I hope you'll be putting up some pictures dear. And i think it's just great that you're looking at the positive amidts all that negative. I wish i were more like you :p

King of Scurf said...

Hi Saby: Yes there are downsides, but I think it's rather mean spirited to visit a country and focus on the negative......unless, of course, you're talking about Belgium.

sabrina said...

What's wrong with Belgium??? I think of Belgium and i think of chocolates...and that makes me smile and think that Belgium must be like a fairy land :p


King of Scurf said...

Perhaps I'm being a little unfair on Belgium - as well as the chocolates, they also make rather impressive use of their monks who appear to spend all their spare time brewing beer.