Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm Off (again)

OK, I'm off to Hyderabad for two weeks, staying in what looks like a thoroughly swanky hotel.

Do you think they'll give me an upgrade because it's my birthday? I'm feeling a bit hard done by - as I'm travelling against the clock, so to speak, I will lose five and a half hours of the day meaning my birthday will only be eighteen and a half hours long. Is there somewhere you can apply to have these lost hours reimbursed if they happen on significant dates?


sabrina said...

Have a safe flight dear.

Oh and i'm sure they'll upgrade you to a better room. Ask for The looks sooo amazing!!!

Hope the birthday turns out well...even if it is shorter :p

Oh and Happy Birthday! *muackz*

Old and past it said...

You don't have to travel to lose hours. In fact I have lost so many hours I suspect skullduggery. There are loads of young people with too much time on their hands, time to spend on drink and drugs etc. Basically I think they have stealing time from people like me which is why we have ended up on the scrap heap prematurely. Longer sentences for time thiefs! (or is that a contradiction?)

King of Scurf said...

Saby: I was hoping for at least an airline upgrade but Emirates weren't interested either. I suspect I just don't have the required flirtation skills any more.......hard to imagine isn't it!

OAPI: I'm still fighting against the scrap heap - I don't feel my age but I do seem to find there's more and more of my time I'm unable to account for....grrrr.