Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost Opportunities

I've always carried a torch for The Beatles even though a few of my friends are horrified by this. Their usual reasoning for why they don't like The Beatles however is usually because of the poor quality of their work after they split up. This, I always say, is a little unfair but, if you were to judge The Beatles back catalogue by the quality of what they have done as solo artists then I'd have to say my friends are right. The Beatles, as individuals, have not served themselves well by continuing to perform. They really should have split up and shut up and their reputations would have remained secure.

Inexplicably, Paul McCartney continues to be revered as a god; every utterance he makes or note he performs is analysed for its genius but has consistently found to be sadly lacking in any substance at all. Let's face it, he hasn't really made a decent record since about 1970. So, with the possible exception of George Harrison and his album All Things Must Pass it's hard to find anything of merit. John Lennon went down the peace and politics route and made some inexcusable rubbish. Ringo? When John Lennon was asked by a reporter if he thought that Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, he replied: 'He's not even the best drummer in The Beatles' . Within the band, that was usually agreed to be McCartney.

But, in their solo work there is still one track I can go back to. Unfortunately, I don't even like the whole track. And the bit I really like about this track is bizarrely faded out, just as it sounds like it's setting off to be something remarkably good - another parlous lack of judgement on the part of Paul. So here it is - Take It Away by Paul McCartney and Wings. Drag yourself through the nonsensical lyrics of the first three minutes and twenty seconds and then just enjoy the wonderful voices harmonising in the background, be lifted as the stunning horn section kicks in....and then curse violently as the damn thing is faded out just as it seems to be getting started.


sabrina said...

I have to agree with you there dear. Beatles...huge fan. Paul...never impressed me much. Don't get what's the whole obsession with him anyway

Old and past it said...

Not a fan of the Beatles, even less a fan of Macca, but i had to give this one a go after that mad Dutch yodelling tune. It was sort of OK, horns definitely the best bit, but I really dont like Macca's voice. As for John Lennon, the only solo record I liked completely was Rock and Roll produced by Phil Spector, apparently in a haze of cocaine and smack.

King of Scurf said...

Saby: We are kindred spirits separated by two enormous continents. What are we to do?

OAPI: Indeed, my point exactly. It only gets good when Macca shuts the F. up.