Saturday, June 13, 2009

Five Minutes Thirty Four Seconds

I've got 5,953 songs occupying 31.72GB of disk space in my iTunes player. If I was so inclined, it would take me 16 days, 7 hours and 12 minutes to listen to them all.....but I would probably die of sleep deprivation before I finished. As a sort of random exercise, here are all the songs that are exactly five minutes and thirty four seconds in duration:

Aztec Camera - Stray
Lisa Knapp - Blacksmith
Black Grape - Little Bob
Terri Naomi - Flesh for Bones
Aretha Franklin - Bridge Over Troubled Water
King Creosote - My Favourite Girl
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Give My Compliments to the Chef
Hootie and the Blowfish - When I'm Lonely
Myrrhman - Talk Talk

Go on, if you're out there, give me a duration and I'll give you another list. Or send me yours.


sabrina said...

I need to get back to you on this one!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I'm feeling deprived! On my iPod I have 1,726 items which would take me 4.5 days to listen to. I have everything from Mamas and Papas, Buffy St Marie, Beatles, Billy Bragg and Bob Dylan (I'm obviously much older than you!) to Martha Wainwright, Bellowhead, Amy Winehouse and Conor Oberst. I also have quite a lot of choral music and even songs by the US Marines (don't ask!).

King of Scurf said...

Hello AMKT and thanks for stopping by.

Don't be so hard on yourself - choral music and the US Marines aren't so bad. I have a fair bit of brass band music and also three albums by various incarnations of the Russian Red Army Choir.