Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Less is More

At this time of year the UK enters its annual sweet spot of public holidays. Most countries spread their public holidays throughout the year. In the UK we're a little top-heavy and squish most of them into the first half of the year.

This year we have four days off in a period of seven working days. Woo and indeed hoo. First we have Easter Friday and Easter Monday, then at the end of next week we have another Friday off for the royal wedding (neither I nor the BBC it seems can decide if it's Royal Wedding or royal wedding) and then the following Monday is just a regular bank holiday. We have another day off at the end of May. That makes for two four-day weeks with a three-day week between them and another four-day week a few weeks later.

We have only one public holiday from the end of May until Christmas - a barren time for the wage slave.

Forward thinking types have planned ahead for this and apparently two million of us are fleeing the country in the next week - many I suspect wishing to be out of the country for the wedding.

I tend to favour understated decoration. Less is more. Below is Regent Street in Central London. One of the most elegant streets in the country; a fact confirmed by its premium price and location on the Monopoly board. Do you think they've gone a bit too far and turned it into what looks like a cheap souvenir shop?


Anonymous said...

we're having a five day weekend here in Oz. Anzac Day has been tacked on to Easter!

King of Scurf said...

nursemyra: That's outrageous! I hope you're making the most of it.