Monday, June 07, 2010

Fantastic Service

I'm impressed.

My wonderful dentist (I must blog one day about her wonderfulness sometime) recently referred me to a hospital specialist to investigate a tiny lesion in my mouth that would not go away. The hospital consultant duly inspected it, pronounced it a minor and treatable condition and said she would send me a letter in a few days time with a fuller diagnosis pending a few tests they had to run. The comprehensive and well written diagnosis duly arrived a few days later explaining I needed a prescription which I would have to collect from my GP (family doctor).

I dropped off the letter at the GP's surgery a few days ago and duly collected the prescription this afternoon and took it to my local pharmacy which is actually a major chain store with a branch in every town in the country. They told me they did not have the medicine in stock but they'd order it and I could collect it a few days later.

The pharmacy just 'phoned me (I didn't even know they had my number) to say the product I needed was no longer available. My mind raced ahead at this point and I thought to myself I'd probably have to go back to the pharmacy, collect the unfilled prescription, then take it back to the doctor, I'd probably have to make an appointment, the doctor would then have to sort out another prescription and then I'd have to go back to the pharmacy to have the new prescription filled. Tiresome but you kind of expect this sort of thing.

Not so. The nice lady pharmacist said she had already 'phoned my doctor and they had agreed an alternative treatment. The pharmacist would personally go to my doctor tomorrow, collect the new prescription on my behalf and I would just need to go back to the pharmacy any time after midday tomorrow to collect the treatment.

Isn't this a fantastic level of service and all for the state-regulated cost of my prescription of £7.20 (about $10 US)?

It has restored my faith in our much-maligned state-run health system and also given me a nice feeling about the good people at Boots as well.


nursemyra said...

My pharmacist here in Sydney would do that too. She probably wouldn't go to the doctor's office though, just get him to fax through a new prescription

sabrina said...

WOW! I am very impressed. Sadly here the pharmacists are very very business minded and patient care is not even a priority so if you're not buying anything, you become invisible to them.

King of Scurf said...

nursemyra: Maybe in my wildest dreams I might think a local indepedent pharmacy might do this but not a major store where the person working there did this just I guess because she's a helpful kindly soul.

Saby: It was totally unexpected. It lifted my faith in human nature at the end of a long day. We're the same here - UK businesses are equally business minded.