Sunday, October 05, 2008

Colorado Springs - Day 2

7.30am and I've just been outside for five minutes. The air is cool, crisp and clear. The mountain backdrop to Colorado Springs is arrayed before me like an Ansel Adams photograph. The landscape here is much more natural. There's almost an alpine feel to the architecture - houses are built on the contours of the land, as opposed to being on land that has been bulldozed and manicured. This place gets a lot of snow in the winter and the houses have a chalet style to them I had not expected

The hotel in Orlando was businesslike and functional and had everything you need. The hotel in Colorado Springs is a much more laid back affair. It seems to be staffed by teenagers in jeans and t-shirts who seem to have just wandered in to do a bit of work. They still supply everything you need but in a much more relaxed atmosphere.....and they have marmalade. Bliss.

Off to Pike's Peak.


sabrina said...

I hope you're comig back with LOADS and LOADS of pictures!!!!!

P/S : How many Gods were there in the Garden? :p

King of Scurf said...

Will upload some photos when I can get a reliable connection. Free wireless in the hotel is crap and I don't get time in the office to do this sort of thing.

I don't know which Gods they were referring to.....maybe it's an Native American thing.