Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ten giveaway signs that you've been on an activity holiday....

  • A big pile of dirty washing
  • Legs like pit props, buns of steel*
  • Seriously chapped lips from six days in the sun and the wind
  • A letter from the car hire company saying you've been caught in a speed trap
  • No guilt about sitting at home all day on Sunday reading newspapers and watching crap telly
  • Beer? No thanks
  • Sleep deprivation
  • You've almost forgotten what you do for a living
  • People call you "redneck"
  • No money in the bank

Anything I've forgotten?

* Re. #2 - I lied - my buns of steel days are probably behind me (like my buns).

1 comment:

sabrina said...

A god-awful sorethroat due to the excessive drinking and improper hydrating!