Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Good Life Awaits

Senor Sanchez Rodriguez, Foreign Service Manager at the Santalucia Service Company has just written to me today and has rather wonderfully informed me I have won 615,810 euros in the Loteria Primitiva - the Spanish lottery. What good fortune. I simply have to provide copies of several forms of ID, all my bank details, and send them to his Yahoo email address and, and after he has secured some funds from my account (for important and essential administrative purposes no doubt) he will send me my winnings. Assuming the bounty has been deposited by Friday, I shall be in Crouch End this weekend buying champagne (no, make that cava actually, it's the Spanish lottery I've won) for anyone who fancies a tipple. Failing that, what would you prefer, mineral or tap?


Clair said...

I had a letter promising same. I rang them up, they 'looked through their records' after I pretended to be a Mrs Eileen Tartan-Rugg. I told them I didn't have a bank account, wound them up for a while by pretending to cry, then blew a referees' whistle down the phone and hung up.

You can't do that with an email, can you?

Anonymous said...

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